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Below is a list of the most commonly used product measurement terms. To help you choose the best size, we recommend that you keep the tape measure loose enough so that one finger can fit in between the body and tape when taking measurements.

The purpose of this overall guide is to provide visual help for general measuring guidelines at a glance. For specific step by step measuring directions, please refer to our full guides below.

How to Measure Image
  1. NECK
    Measure around the base of the neck where the collar sits.
    From top of left shoulder tip across back all the way to top of right shoulder tip, seam to seam.
  3. CHEST
    Circumference measured around the chest at the fullest part, placing the tip close up under the armpits.
  4. WAIST
    Making sure you are not wearing a belt, put a tape through your pant loops, inhale deeply and measure your girth.
    Measure from the centre of your collar to the tip of your shoulder and to the end of your sleeve.