100% Handcrafted in Italy

CUSTOM Belts for H Buckle Belt Kit

Same quality as designer belt
More colors available than those offered by the brand
Fast order processing (10 days instead of 6/12 months)

Reversible Belt Strap
Smooth Leather

Replacement Belt Strap Smooth Leather for Hermes Buckles

Reversible Belt Strap
Textured Leather

Replacement Belt Strap Textured Leather for Hermes Buckles

Belt Strap

Replacement Belt Alligator Leather for Hermes Buckles

Reversible Belt Strap replacement for HERMES Belts, 100% compatible with Genuine HERMES H Buckle Belt Kit or any other Hermes snap-on buckle with pin.

- Full-grain Calfskin: Textured or Smooth
- Exotic Leather: Alligator
- Color: On Both Sides
- Buckle Compatibility: H Buckle Belt Kit or Buckles with Pin ( all other Buckles upon request )

Belt Straps for Designer Buckles
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